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Ramadan Made Easy

Three to four months before Ramadan starts people around me start going into panick mode and make hundreds of fried snacks to go in the freezer. Samosas, chicken strips, cheese balls the list is endless.

I do admire the fact they are so prepared and impressed they can make their own samosas. But all that fried food cannot be good.

I usually go the Masjid for Iftar at a weekend where there are Samosas , biryani and fizzy drinks galore. None of which can be avoided.

As we are rewarded for feeding a fasting person most nights a neighbour will bring around some food. Usually fried goods, dates and sweets.

I believe Ramadan should be a spiritual and community minded time. Not a Iftar: When,What and Where.

It is a big chance to be healthy and get rid of those bad eating habits and gain self control.

This is why I am a total health freak within my own four walls. I fear getting dehydrated during the days so drink as much water as my body will allow and eat lots of hydrating food.

In Ramadan we have a small capacity for food. We should try our bests to fill up on healthy foods to nourish our bodies, instead of eating heavy fried foods that fill us up quickly and have hardly an nutritional value.

Half an hour before Iftar I make a Greek salad. Lots of healthy vege, feta cheese and glugs of olive oil and lemon.

A fruit salad is an essential. Those juicy fruits contain lots of energy and slow releasing water that keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Its better to chop the fruits as near to eating as possible as the longer you leave them the more sugar they produce .

I find during Ramadan the fruit in the supermarkets go down in price. Meaning we can buy lots of lovely fruits and make juices everyday. A quick way of getting those vitamins into your body.

My favourite juice combo is:

  • 3 apples
  • 5 carrots
  • 2 oranges
  • A small piece of fresh ginger

I put them all together in the juicer adding the ginger for its many health benefits. The leftover pulp can be added to sweets bakes or made into jams and sauces.

Breaking The Fast

To break our fast we eat 3 dates each, drink a glass of water and eat some fruit salad. Later on in Ramadan the water changes to Rooh Afza in milk as our healthy intentions go downhill . Then we pray Magrib.


After Magrib we move on to our main which is usually a curry with rice or roti and our salad.

My Husband makes a big pot of curry that lasts 3 or 4 days meaning I only need to make the rice or roti and salads. If the neighbours have brought us fried food we eat that with it aswell. After that there isn’t room for anything else so we drink our fresh juice. As Magrib in the UK is pretty late we go to sleep half an hour after eating.


Suhoor is around 4 hours later so we aren’t that hungry meaning we don’t eat too much. I usually have some fruit with cereal or egg and toast. With lots of water.

As Ramadan goes on our eating starts to get more unhealthy adding things like biscuits, Rooh Afza and last year my neighbour brought me Desi Chai which turned my tea habit back on. Usually we are caffine free all Ramadan.

This year I won’t be working. Things may become very different as I won’t have work as a distraction. Every year UK summer comes in Ramadan and Ramadan only. Combine this with breastfeeding and who knows what will happen.

How was breastfeeding for you whilst fasting?

Have you prepared for Ramadan or taking it easy like me?

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