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Zaks and His Little Lies – Book Review

Zak and his little lies  Islamic kids book

Zak and His Little Lies-J.Samia Mair

A while a go I read that little kids can’t tell the difference between a lie or making up a story, so don’t understand that they are lying. Everytime I caught my daughter lying I would look at her and try and figure out if she was lying or just making a story up in her mind. It wasn’t too difficult. After all we all lie in one way or another. One study showed that we lie to ourselves everyday without even noticing. So how do we distinguish between good lies and bad lies.

The title of this storybook Zak and His Little Lies gives us a clue to his lies. They are small little lies not big bad ones.

This is exactly Zaks problem. He knows that if he is caught lying again he won’t be able to go on a trip to the skate park with his family. However he is thrown into certain situations throughout the day.

The story seems to be set in a very friendly neighbourhood in the American Suburbs. Zak and his family are Muslim and have no problem with their neighbours which is nice to see in a book. The challenge for the Zak and his Sister is to deliver Baklava to all their neighbours. But will it all run smoothly? You will have to read the book to find out!

zak and his little lies Islamic kids book

Noori is 8 years old but there were a few words in this book she couldn’t work out. The main one being Dwayne the name of Zaks pet. Dwayne makes an appearance on every page of this beautifully illustrated book so look out for him.

zak and his little lies Islamic kids book

Many of Zaks lies come from how he will look to other people and lack of confidence. Here he is having a race with his sister though he never wins. Even Dwayne looks worried!

After all Zaks little lies he goes home to find his Dad excitied and ready to go to the skate park. Zak feels so guilty from all his lying when he sees the Quran on the shelf remembering the Ayah,

“And nothing in the Heavens and Earth is hidden from Allah.”

This is a very important lesson for all of us and something even young children can understand. Even if we are all alone Allah can see what we are doing.

Zak admitted his mistakes too his Dad the person he could confide in. What an important relationship. The majority of stories show male figures in a bad light and the Mums as the caregivers and confidants. So this Father and Son bond is a refreshing perspective

At first I didn’t connect with this book and I think it is because I’m very girly. Unconsciously the majority of Noori’s books have strong female characters with the only males being animals. I wondered how this would change now I have a son.

This book is my first step into being a mother of a boy. And what a fantastic introduction. I imagine having an Islamic book with a young boy as the lead character could be very empowering for any young boy. Zak is a great example for anyone.

Noori’s Verdict

Did you like the book?
Yes . It was Good.
Who was your favourite character?
I like Zak but I liked Hana better. I didn’t like the brothers because they are mean.

At the end of the book are a set of questions. I don’t usually ask the questions in books but this time I did. It was nice to hear Noori’s answers and take on the story.

The type of books I like best are the ones based on the Quran or Hadith. This book has both and they are quoted in the back.

Quran Hadith Islamic kids book

This book teaches some important and valuable lessons to both boys and girls. The most important aspect being that it teaches our children to live our lives following Quran and Hadith.

You can buy this book on Amazon.

You can also meet Zak again in:

Zak and His Good Intentions

Here are some other Islamic children’s books I have reviewed.

Yan’s Hajj

Nanni’s Hijab

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When Your Smiling -Learning the Smiling Dua

Last week we had so much fun learning the Dua for when it rains, I had to find another small Dua to learn.

A few years ago I came across the Dua for when we see someone smiling and made this little frame. As I am a perfectionist I dumped it in the back of a cupboard never to be seen again because I don’t like the writing.

I went back in the cupboard, took it out and displayed it on the fireplace

Smiling Dua

What a beautiful Dua to make for someone you see smiling whether you know them or not. It leaves you feeling all happy and warm inside.

This Dua was made for the Prophet Muhammed (SAW).


I showed the frame to Noori and we discussed the Hadith, the Dua and how smiling is form of charity. If we give someone a beautiful smile they will feel happy and that could be the first time they smiled today. Also you will be rewarded from Allah and maybe rewarded with a smile back from that person.

Then we learned the Dua. I said the Dua over the day and got Noori too repeat it after me.

The next day we made some smiley face Emoji biscuits. I had bought some really boring rich tea style biscuits the day before. So we gave them a much-needed make over. With yellow icing, raisins for eyes and smiley mouths. Whilst doing this activity we kept repeating the Dua over and over.

Emoji Cookie

A few days later we went to the park after school and had one of our biscuits as a snack. Again we repeated the Dua.

Emoji bitten

When we got home we did some smiley face emoji maths.

This time Noori is learning her 7 times tables so I took the opportunity to incorporate maths and Duas with physical activity.

I put her Smiley Emoji cushion in the middle of the floor. On her Emoji notepaper I wrote the 7 times table. I got Noori to put them in the correct order around the Emoji face.

Emoji Maths

As they were too close to the cushion she spread them around the room. I asked her a question about the 7 times tables. She jumped on the answer and then on to the Emoji. When she landed on the Emoji she had to say the Dua.

I find this method a really effective way of memorizing Duas and times tables.

I’m hoping after reading this next time you see a smiley face Emoji you will connect it to this short but sweet Dua. And everytime you see someone smiling you will make this Dua for them and spread a bit of happiness around 😁😊☺🙂

Read how we learned the Dua for when its Raining here.

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Yan’s Hajj- Book review

I’ll admit it, I’m a judge a book by its cover type. This book from Kube publishing drew me in straight away. The cover is bright, with soft watercolour style illustrations letting you know it will be a nice, smiley, warm read with nothing bad happening.

The Book

At first glance there looks nothing Islamic about this book , which to me is a bonus. All too often we see the same view of Islam and its time for something different to make our children really connect.

This book is from a different prospective. A man who could be of any race or religion who looks like a farmer. Coming from a city and not well-travelled in Muslim countries its is not what I would expect a Muslim to look like. And I would never associate any Muslims I know with the countryside.

It is very important to show children that Islam is for everyone not one race. And Islam is about a lifestyle not just about going to madrassah and forgetting about it at home.

Most kids books involve farm animals in one way or the other. So it is nice to see an Islamic book sharing this theme.

Look at the smiley faces and bright sunflowers.

When we look closely we can see the Kaaba giving us a clue about the storyline.

Then of course we have the title ‘Yans Hajj’ telling us what it’s about.

The Author could have chosen a more commonly used Muslim name but chose Yan. To me that name could be from anywhere but it sounds very Chinese. After thinking bout this my curious mind went into overdrive and I emailed a few questions to the Author. Her answers are beautiful and in a way unexpected.

I asked the Author Fawzia Gilani why she chose the name Yan?

Two reasons –

One – it was a way to give visibility to converts to Islam. We rarely have children’s stories that show westerners coming to Islam and so by naming this particular character Yan it was a way to project inclusiveness.
Two – my father would tell us the stories of the prophets of God when we were young as bedtime stories. He told the stories in such a vivid and grand way that the prophets became my childhood heroes. I thought they were magnificent.and I loved them so much.One of my favourite messengers was John peace be upon him. For me Yan is just another way of saying John or Yahya.I named this character after John peace be upon him because like John, Yan is kind and tender hearted.

What country is the book set in?

Yan is a Bulgarian variant of John – in Arabic Yahya. So the story is set in Europe where this name is used.

As a revert I find this wonderful. The majority of reverts I know are from all over Europe.

At my daughters school the white Muslims are seen to be non muslim and have a hard time proving their religion . Showing European Muslims in books is something we all need to see more of for both children and adults.

The story is about Yan’s strive to complete Hajj.

Everyday Yan works hard on his farm to make money to survive and save for Hajj. When he sets off he always comes across a people who could use the money more than him. He comes across some children with no school and builds it up for them again.

The next time he has saved enough he comes across some people with no Masjid. So with his own sweat and tears he builds them a beautiful clean white Masjid.

Imagine the Barakah in this action reported in this Hadith.

Uthman ibn Affan reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 439, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 533

Yan lived in a simple small house, by building this Masjid imagine what his house in Jannah will look like.

After saving up and attempting Hajj he always found a people more in need including a slave boy which he freed. He took care of him and brought him up in a good way.

Eventually with a little kindness from those he helped , his wish to do Hajj was met.

Lessons From the Book

Yan teaches us patience and perseverance by working hard and saving up for Hajj.

Yan lives a simple , honest ,happy life with his only wish to complete Hajj. How many of us think like this?

We go to work to keep a nice house, drive a nice car, have nice clothes and keep up appearances. Will we ever be able to save enough for Hajj? Or will we only go when we are old , retired and have spare time?

This book can teach children to have this aim in life. It is important we don’t just say Yan did this Yan did that. We need to make our kids relate it to themselves.

Therefore we did a little activity. I re-read the book again and Noori insisted on telling it me in her own words. I was impressed that she understood the little boy was a servant ( slave). I like the way the book addresses such a dark, serious subject in a child friendly way , letting you skim over it or turn it into a big conversation

We went through the book looking at the pictures. She decided that Yan was poor , he had a small house, simple clothes, no watch or mobile. The first time he walked to Hajj and the second he went by horse. I pointed out that Yan could have used his Hajj money to buy a big house or a nice car but then He would have no money for Hajj. I told her that Yan lives in Bulgaria and showed it her on the map. We looked how long it would take for him to walk to Hajj 35 days!

He may not have had all these material things but Allah had blessed him with so many opportunities to do good deeds. Even small things that aren’t mentioned in the the story but shown in the pictures. Can you guess which Hadith this picture relates to?

I am in awe of Yans persistence on going to Hajj and think we should learn a lesson from it and encourage our children to do the same. So Noori made a savings jar for her Brother and herself. We will put one pound every month for both of them in the jar and when they are old enough and before they start saving for a car or getting in debt to a mortgage they can do Hajj Inshallah.

We got a big jar and Noori decorated it with her colourful cellotapes.

My Thoughts on the Book

I would like to know why Yan has no wife or why she isn’t mentioned?

I usually don’t read Questions at the end of books but I think they are important in Islamic books. They are a great way of discussing the important and answering any questions your child may have. So I would like to see them in this book.

Where can I Buy This Book!!!

If you would like to add  this wonderful book to your collection you can  buy it online from:

Kube Publishing



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It’s Raining,It’s Pouring: Learning the Rain Dua.

Learning and teaching Duas is for me a laborious task and is not something I enjoy. We have learned the essential everyday Duas. I have stuck them all around my house in the appropriate places and we learn them as we go along our everyday lives as I find this the easiest way to teach them and I feel the most relevant.

(If you would like to print a lovely set of Dua cards you can get them free at And Then She Said)

Last night I was reading the book Let’s remember Allah’s daily blessings when I came across the Dua for when it is raining.

Dua for when its raining

For those of you that follow us on Instagram and Facebook you will know how excited I was that I memorized it in 5 minutes. I love how it is like a short rhyme and easy for just about anyone to remember. In this part of the UK we can use this Dua frequently and use it to remember Allah.

I knew this would be super easy for Noori to learn and we may spark some enthusiasm about learning Duas again.

This spurred me on and I came up with a few rainy ideas to make learning the dua fun, and learning a bit of science and maths at the same time.

The first thing we did is read the Dua, its meaning in English and that we should say it when it rains.

Splish Splash Splosh front cover

We then read a book about water called Splish Splash Splosh by Wonderwise. This comes in a set of books on various subjects. They are set out in a fun style with charming, friendly illustrations. The child will learn so much information about the world without realising. Each book has a page of experiments at the back. I can’t recommend them enough.

I chose this book as I knew it talked about rain, so we read it and everytime the word rain was mentioned I got her to repeat the Dua.

Splish Splash Splosh

This page explains about how rain is formed in rainclouds and I knew the perfect raincloud experiment.

You will need:

  • A clear glass of water
  • Blue food colouring mixed in a separate glass of water
  • A thin sponge (I cut up an old one)
  • A pippet or teaspoon
  1. Put your glass of clear water, glass of blue (or in my case green) water on a surface you don’t mind getting dirty.
  2. Get your Cloud (sponge) and make it fly through the air from the sea where it was formed , inland onto the top of your glass of clear water.
  3. Now using your pippet or spoon start adding drops of your blue water. Eventually your raincloud (sponge) will become so full of water it will Burst open and all the rain (blue food colouring) will start to fall .
  4. As the rain starts to fall say your Rain Dua.

rain experiment

This is a great visual way to show how rainclouds produce rain and keeps the kids quiet as they do the experiment observing the colours moving around in the water.

After that we played a fun maths game which Noori loved.

In keeping with the rain theme I found some unreusable old wrapping paper and made it into puddle shapes. I then got some scrap paper , wrote random numbers and spread them out on the floor. I didn’t stick the numbers on because in the future I can use the numbers and puddles for different things.

Puddle maths

The challenge was to ask Noori multiplication sums and she had to jump on the correct answer. Each time she said the answer she then had to repeat the Dua. I made sure some of the answers were far apart meaning she had to jump further making it more challenging and fun.

At one point I asked her how rain can be beneficial? She told me we need rain for drinking, then listed a bunch of animals and plants that drink water. Then everytime she jumped on a new puddle she decided to tell me the maths answer, the Dua and something that can benefit from the rain, showing an understanding of what the Dua means.

Puddle maths

When I could think of no more multiplications, I asked some addition and subtraction.

This activity can easily be adapted for all ages. For children who are learning numbers , you can shout out a number for them too jump on. Making sure they repeat the Dua each time.

I hope by learning in this style that Noori will always remember having fun whilst learning about her Deen rather than it being a task or chore.

For more Duas to learn pop over to Muslim Mother Source where she has written 5 duas that are really easy to learn if you are not able to read Arabic. There is also a link to a book Hisnul Muslim which contains many Duas for many occasions.

Jeddah Momhas written a great piece explaining the importance of teaching our kids Duas and why we should. She has included some easy ways to do this.

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Raining Dua

Allah’s Names- Al- Ali , Al-Al’aa

Al Ali by Rand4Design

Using our book we looked at the names Al-Ali, and Al-Al’aa. We learnt the meanings of the names and found them in the Quran. Both in English and Arabic.

We discussed the meanings and I then wrote them out in Noori’s flowers colouring book. I usually let her do it but for some reason that I can’t remember I did it. Baby brain is real.

Using our Thinkernation Arabic spell and learn Noori tried spelling out and forming the words , for a bit of Arabic practise.

As both the names translate as high we moved on to some height activites to reinforce the memorization of the word.

Firstly we did a building challenge using stones. We could have used a number of objects but stones are more of a challenge. Each stone has a unique shape meaning they have to be carefully balanced.


Stones are a great Montessori resource as they are natural sensory objects . Each stone has a different shape, weight and texture. They make different sounds and come in different colours and shades.

The challenge was to see who could make a high pile of stones and the highest pile of stones.

Here is Noori’s. We measured against a toy truck. Hers was high. Like Allahs name Al-Ali the High.

Here is mine the highest like Al Al’aa Allahs name the highest.

I have found this word association works. For Allahs name Al Awal Al Akhir we did an ice experiment. Now everytime we see ice I remind her of the experiment and the name of Allah we were learning about.

Everytime she see stones I can remind her of our height challenge and mention Al Ali , Al Ala.

The next day we made a height chart. I thought it would be interesting to compare the height of animals. I had made some Arabic flashcards earlier about animals.

There was a deer , a young boy ,frog, butterfly, mouse and spider. I googled the heights of these animals and we measured them using a tape measure. Surprisingly a deer was 150cm. We stuck the deer on the door frame at 150cm. We then stuck all the other animals at their heights. And Nooris for comparison (hers is the blue tack).It was nice for her to compare her height to different animals.

Animal heights

This is the best photo I could take but you get the idea.

We said that Noori is High like Allah’s name Al-Ali means high. A deer is Highest like Allahs name Al-Ala means Highest.

We went on a park walk some days later and saw some birds making a nest. I said that bird is really high. And then asked her the name of Allah that means high and the name that means highest.

As it says in the Quran:

And it is He who spread the earth and placed therein firmly set mountains and rivers; and from all of the fruits He made therein two mates; He causes the night to cover the day. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.

Quran 13:3

We can notice all these things around us and connect them back to the activities and remember the names of Allah.

I hope you enjoyed this read and if you want more you can read how we learned the names:

Allah- The Greatest Name


Al-Awaal , Al Akhir



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Amazing Ayats-Al Kahf 18:23

Our Amazing Ayat of the week Surah Al Kahf 18:23. The next Ayat talks about how we should say Inshallah if we talk about doing something tomorrow.

We know about saying Inshallah from our Dua books. But this Ayat only emphasises it more. We talked about how Inshallah means If Allah lets us.

For this Ayat we didn’t do a craft or activity because I decided to do a list of goals and aims for self improvement as this is a way of using the Inshallah Dua

I like the idea of self improvement but didn’t really have a way of focussing on it or putting it into action.

Over the past year I have become a list girl. Its better to take those jumbled up thoughts out of your head and give them to a piece of paper to remember for you. It really frees your mind from the task , and the task of remembering to remember the task (complicated).

With my new love of lists I wanted to fight some issues.

The main causes of tension in our house is going to school. I get up late, she gets up late. I make breakfast, we eat it then rush around shouting at each other angrily getting ready. This is not good for me and I can’t imagine how it would effect Noori when she gets to school starting her day in anger.

I sat Noori down and read the Ayat in Arabic and the meaning in English. We discussed what it means and how we can do this in everyday life. Then we wrote a list.

Al kahf

I wrote Inshallah in big and wrote my problem and the solution with a sun next to it.

Inshallah to Do List

My problem is going to sleep too late. Meaning not being able to wake for Fajr and being stressed out all morning.

The solution, to go to bed early and wake up in the morning early. Inshallah.

My other problem is being very bad at ironing. I dream to be as good at ironing as those army people with perfectly neat crisp seams .

My solution is to pick up some tips from youtube.

I got Noori to write the same morning intentions and choose one thing of her own saying Inshallah each time.

She chose to be nice to MAP ( Mummy, Abdi and Papa).

We set too our tasks that very night by going to bed at the right time. I tried not to mess around on my phone all night and it worked.

The next morning I woke up nice and early on time for Fajr and got some housework done afterwards. Noori got up ,uniform on and everything went smoothly according to plan. Stress free!!

We will also make a big deal out of saying Inshallah after making plans.

I’m trying my hardest to keep up my side of the deal. Noori is doing really well. I still haven’t learnt how to iron properly 😉 But I will get there Inshallah.

We have also had fun learning about Surah Az-Zukruhf and Surah Al-Anam. Let us know what you think.

Learning the meaning of The Quran.

After completing Surah Al Alaq Noori has decided she wants to learn Surah Al Mulk. She listens to it every night before sleep and knows 70%. Its up to me to teach her the correct pronunciation and I am seriously not ready for all that yet.

Instead I decided to go through all the Surahs she knows reciting 3 a day to make sure she remembers them.

I see no point in memorizing the Quran and never learning the meaning. How can that ever help us in our daily lives. For this reason I decided to start from the very begining and teach the meanings aswell as the correct recitation.

Luckily I had these books to hand else that would have been a mammoth task.

Your Surahs Made Easy part 1 helps us learn the meanings of Surah Fatiha and the last 10 Surahs. Part 2 Surah Humazah to Surah Dhuhaa. I have had the Part 1 book for years and it has been invaluable to us.

It is written in a child friendly manner but still containing lots of import information. The language used makes it easy for a child and even an adult to easily understand .

The graphics are high quality, colourful and nice to look at, with no eyes on the characters.

Each Surah has 3 pages. The first page shows the Surah in Arabic. It gives the title of the Surah plus what it means in English.

Al Adiyat Surahs Made Easy

Underneath is the English translation for each Ayat. There is a little symbol at the top to say if it was revealed in Makkah or Medina.

First we read the Surah correcting any mistakes in the tajweed. Each Ayat is numbered corresponding with the translation. So after reading the Surah fully we read the First Ayat then the translation and so on.

The second page tells us exactly what the Surah means and some interesting facts regarding the history and lessons behind it.

Al Adiyat Lessons

The last page is an easy quiz to make sure they have read properly and understood what they were reading.

Quiz Surahs Made Easy

The family behind Love for Quran have a website full of valuable content. There are lots of free online Tajweed and Prayer courses for Adults and Kids.

You can also watch their Youtube channel for some educational videos.

I am lucky enough to give one reader these two lovely books including The Prophet Muhammed for Children by GoodWord. This is a really fun book containing lots of little stories about a families everyday life. In these stories they connect their lives to the stories of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Teaching children of all ages valuable lessons without them even realising. Each story gives us a Hadith and a small quiz.

To be in with a chance to win Your Surahs Made Easy Part 2 and The Prophet Muhammed for Children Book , head over to our Facebook and Instagram page and follow the rules.

Allah’s Names – As Salaam

As Salaam is a name we should all know as Muslims. We should be saying it multiple times a day when we see another Muslim as the Messenger SAW told us to do.

Really think about what you are saying to someone:

“May peace be upon you. ”

We are even supposed to say it to strangers!

Let it sink in next time you say this to someone. You will feel peaceful inside. See how it makes you feel and how you view that other person Subhanallah.

We read the description from our Names of Allah book ( screenshot above) and discussed what Peace means. Noori said it means being quiet and relaxing. I explained a world without Peace and how we can make Dua asking As Salaam for Peace. If we are feeling angry,upset or worried we can also make Dua using Allahs name As Salaam and ask for Peace.

(I only concentrated on the word peace as Flawless is quite a hard concept to explain and make into an activity).

We then searched the Quran for the Surah containing this name and read it in English. Some English Qurans use the word perfection rather than Peace so I found it important to read the word Salaam in Arabic so she can see it.

We then did a bit of Vocabulary and spelling by finding the definition of Peace. She wrote it down and then I rembered there are two words that sound like peace with different meanings. Peace and Piece. To make sure she knows the difference she wrote that definition also.

I bought an adult colouring book of flowers. I find these are easier for kids to colour as they have small details rather than big massive chunks of space to spend ages colouring , making them bored and the felt tips running out. I thought it would be nice for her to colour and write the names in the blank spaces, making a visually appealing list of names.

The next day we looked at Peace symbols.

There are many I’ve not heard of or seen before but we concentrated on these three.

We talked about the V sign. The ‘Peace Sign’, being about disarmament. For the dove I told her the story of the Prophet Nuh (Noah) and how in Christianity the dove brings the olive branch as a sign that the world was peaceful again after the flood.

As it is winter and ice is everywhere we did an ice activity. I saw this beautiful ice lantern on Facebook and new we had to try it out.

We went for a walk and picked some berries and foliage.

We followed the instructions from

We used the branches to signify the olive branch and she drew the peace symbol on a piece of card in sharpie and added that in. This is the end result.

Salaam ice lantern

This can be done anytime of the year using any kind of foliage. Flowers would look very pretty.

If you try this out let us see on Instagram or Facebook using #OurAmanahsOurFutures

If you enjoyed this post and would like more ideas please read the blog posts below:

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Arabic Words with Goodnight Spaceman

For the past 2 years I’ve been going once a week to a Tajweed class with two of the most amazing teachers Alhamdulillah. Aswell as teaching us to read the Quran with love they also teach us some of the words in Arabic. It has really helped me to understand some of the verses and recognise words as I listen. It is very important to me and I wish for my children to learn this aswell. So I am starting to teach them words. As I am not fluent in Arabic or know how to teach languages we are starting small with individual words. This week we used a book called Goodnight Spaceman. A lovely rhyming book with cute illustrations, about two littles boys dreams of space travel.

Our space theme started at the weekend when we went on a special park walk.

Our local park was doing a heritage walk where we walked around the park discussing its past present and future. We learned alot about plants and trees and got to go inside the observatory. I found this to be somewhat a privilge. Most of the people on the walk have lived here for 60 years and not been in. I’ve walked past it nearly everyday for 30 years and never given it a thought.

These days it is just a small museum not a working observatory, but we got to go inside and see the huge telescope and listen to a historical talk .

Can you imagine this many people coming to watch a natural phenomenon on a park these days.

When we got home I found the book and chose one word from every page. I wrote them in Arabic on a piece of scrap paper and cut them out.I placed the correct word on the correct page. We then read the book. Everytime a word came up I said the word in Arabic and its English translation. I got Noori too place it on either the corresponding word or object and read it out. Then we read the sentence again including the Arabic word.

As the book is named Goodnight Spaceman the word goodnight is repeated often. We used the phrase Tisbah ala khair for the word Goodnight and moved it from page to page.

These are the Transliterations of the words we used:

Goodnight-Tisbah ala khair

Sun- Shams

Star- Najma

Moon- Qamar

Bed- Sarir

Sky- sama

One- Wahid


Three- Thalatha

Four- Arba

Five- Khamsa

When the story ended Noori decided to spread all the words on the carpet and read the story again. Everytime she read a page she would find the correct word and put it in its place. This surprised me because she was quite excited to do it and must have enjoyed reading the story like this.

Next time we go to the library I will try and find a similar themed book that we can use the same words for and add a few new ones.

If you try this out let us see on Instagram or Facebook using #OurAmanahsOurFutures

Do you think this is a good way to introduce Arabic to children?

***contains affiliate links to companies that I reccomend***

Allah’s Names: Al Awaal , Al Akhir

The next of Allah’s names we have been learning about are Al Awaal- The First, Al-Akhir -The Last. We found the meaning of these words and discussed them in Islamic terms. Allah has been since the beginning of time. Before the Prophets , before the Earth before the whole Universe , before time itself. Which is something we can’t even imagine as Human Being’s.

We found the verse in the Quran 57:3 where the names appear and I asked Noori to read it in English then Arabic. When she’d read it in Arabic I asked her to pick out the names from the text.


The next day we wrote down the dictionary definitions of First and Last . These meanings don’t are not written with the same concept in mind but its a good way to extend vocabulary and try to learn spellings.


Then we used our Thinkernation spell and learn to form the words for more hands on learning.

Some days later we did a science experiment about First and last. To make it fun I took 3 of her small toys and froze them in ice cubes. You could use more and try more ingredients but I could only find 3 toys .


When she got home from school I asked her:

  • What can we use to melt the ice?
  • Why would that melt the ice?
  • Which one will melt first and last?

She said we can chop one up to make it melt faster like a slushy

Another we can leave. The last one I said we should use salt as I knew that would have a bigger impact and be more impressive.

She decided to make a chart showing all the information.

We then took the ice out of the ice tray and put one in a dish by itself. The other one she chopped up and the other she added salt.


We observed each one as they melted. We noticed that the one with water and the one with salt were melting in different ways. The water one stayed smooth while the salt one was cracking.


It looked as though the chopped and the salt were neck and neck but eventually the salt came first and the one with nothing came last.


I’m hoping this activity will help her too remember the names. At school one morning it was icy and they had spread the grit salt on the playground. I reminded her about our experiment and the names Al Awal and Al Akhir. Maybe when she hears the words 1st and last or sees ice cubes or her toys she will remember these names.

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Allah-The Greatest Name

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