Welcome to Our Amanahs Our Futures.

Amanah is a very special word in Arabic meaning ‘trust’.

Our children have been entrusted to us. They are our Amanahs and the future belongs to them.

The same as the Earth has been entrusted to us, so the Earth is our Amanah and our Future.

This Blog is all about life me trying to fufill these trusts as a Mother.

Here we discuss lovely things like:

Islamic education



Parenting/ natural parenting

Zero waste

Hippy mama stuff in general.

A bit about Me:

I am a British born Lancashire Lass revert to Islam of 4 years. My daughter Noori was born in 2009. She goes too school but I like to help her at home. I also help her in her Islamic education. She does so much ‘boring’ work at school so when she gets home I try and make it as paperless/ workbookless and fun as possible.

I’m just learning about the Montessori method and hoping to incorporate it into our learning over all aspects. It just seems like the most natural way of learning for our family.

I have a Son Abd born in 2017 and I’m learning new parenting things everyday.

Since becoming a new Mum again, I have done so much parenting research and along the way came across the concept of Zero Waste living. This means sending as little waste to landfill as possible. This even goes as far as reducing things we send to recycling as that also takes up alot of energy use. Some types of plastic can only be recycled a number of times until it becomes usless.

I am far from being totally zero waste so class myself as a Zero Waste Wanabe.

I like to share any recipes that I find useful and zero waste . I want to make sure my family eats as healthily as possible so like to make nearly all my food from scratch. I feel strongly about not wasting food so have joined the #nowastewithin which means all my recipes have been lovingly made with as little food waste as possible.

I am not a teacher nor am I knowledgeable about Islam. I try my best to only teach from Quran and Sunnah. My children and I are on our learning journey together so if you see any mistakes I have made do not hesitate to contact me and put me right.

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