Understand Your Childs Development – Book Review

In my opinion you can never read too many parenting books. There are many points of wisdom we have lost over the decades up to the point where society now relies on strangers to tell them how to raise their kids rather than finding out themselves.

There are many ways to find out how to raise our child. We can ask our elders, get advice from other mums and read books.

It’s good to read all kinds of parenting books as one method may not suit you and your family. Parenting trends and science is changing the way we are with our children all the time. But time and time again scientific research is proving the Sunnah and Quran right everytime.

So what better type of parenting book to read that an Islamic inspired one?

I have read just one Islamic parenting book and didn’t really enjoy it. It was to hard hitting and dare I say the word boring.

Understand Your Childs Development is not like that. Written by a variety of bloggers who are qualified in their specialist areas it feels as though they are in front of you having a conversation.

Here is a bit about the authors who you may have come across on social media.

Understand your childs development

Each Author writes about her speciality relating it to Quran and Sunnah.

This is a section about nutrition by Afshan Mohammed combining her knowledge of nutrition and Quran perfectly.

Understand your childs development

Nabila Ikram writes about the importance of play for developing motor skills. After reading this I realised we hadn’t been to the park for a few days. Luckily we live right next to a park so there is no excuse really not to go there.

Whilst there we played at the playground, walked over the grass and saw the big lawnmowers.

In the playground is a tunnel and Abd was really fascinated by the way the light shone on his hands. We would have missed this if we had stayed at home.

Hand shadows

Weronika Ozpolat talks about language and speech development. She covers all aspects from the milestones to the problems such as deafness and autism.

One great way to develop speech is by reading books. We have many books in our house and the library is probably one of Abds favourite place (because he gets cake aswell as books). When he was around 22 months I saw a great idea about keeping track of new words. For one week we read a new book everyday. When he said a new word we wrote it down.


This proved to me the importance of reading. Everyday he said a new word. I tried again at 24 months but he copies nearly every word I say so I would have to write out the whole story. It is amazing how children change in such a short space of time.

This book brought up a subject I haven’t read about before ; Emotional development. The author Jameela Ho looks at all stages and types of attachment and give activities to do at the end. I have read a few books stating that boys don’t understand emotion as much as girls so it is important to help them cultivate this understanding.

I was finding it hard to find ways to do this when Abd brought me his favourite book Baby Faces. This book shows different babies with different emotions. We looked through the book and he copied the faces. We discussed (as much as you can with a 2 year old) how the baby was feeling and how we could help that baby feel better if it was sad.

This books covers all aspects of childhood development which is nice to have all in one book. Each author goes through all the stages your baby will go through and includes a list of activities you can do with your child to promote each subject. The activities are all easy to do and cost nothing.

You can buy this book at:

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