Top Kids Books With Strong Female Characters

Top Kids Books With Strong Female characters

When I first got the idea to do a list of books with strong female characters I thought most of ours books would be suitable. Then I started to think about them and thought oh no we don’t have enough for 10 (This was supposed to be a top 10). When I went through the bookcase I was right and quite saddened. We need alot more strong female inspired books. Here is a list of the few we have but first

Why Is It Important To Show Strong Female Characters?

Here are a few views from other bloggers.

The media can shape our thinking subconsciously. If there’s a lack of certain types of characters then the mind can trick itself into thinking that the world itself isn’t full of those people.

With no strong female characters to read about, children are being robbed of the opportunity to identify with and appreciate the fact that women are strong. They may then stop believing in the strength of women because it’s rarely shown to them.

The Imperfect Muslimah

Both boys and girls will benefit from books that counter some of the low standards of value that are placed on women and girls, which are often perpetuated in other media. This helps them believe that they can be more than what they might otherwise feel society tells them to be.

A Modest Argument

Wa Alaikum Asalaam. Although we have progressed in many ways, women still can be seen as second class in many cultures and in many areas of work. To combat that it is vital to show children, both boys and girls, that women are just as important and just as capable. Books play a role in this as what young children read can be ingrained into their minds; so if they see women being portrayed as weak then that is what they may grow up thinking.

Muslim Mummy

It’s important to read books to children with strong female characters because… females *are* strong! Women naturally have some amazing powers of strength, whether it be pain tolerance, physical strength, emotional strength, perseverance, or any other variety of strength. Females are strong, period.

When the media portrays women as “the fairer sex” or weak, needing to be rescued, that’s just what our society wanted us to think, so that girls would continue thinking of themselves as weak and boys would continue to assert power over them.

If for no other reason, read books with strong female characters to your children because it’s the uncorrupted *truth*.

Read Aloud Homeschool

Children should know the truth. Women are strong!

Now a days one needs to have stronger will power to wear hijab or think against social norms. Girls and boys should read about real women who made a difference. Like story about ASIYA, wife of pharaoh or Sumaiya (Radi Allaho Anha) or Nobel laureates like Madam Curie or Malala.

Insha Allah, When our daughters read about strong women they would learn to stand by what they choose. Insha Allah, our sons will learn to respect women. They should learn to stand by the truth irrespective of who says it.


So little boys will know that not all women are helpless and brainless and little girls will have role models to inspire them.

Ilma Education

The Girl Power Book List

1.Chickens Can’t See In The Dark – Kristyna Litten

Chickens Can’t See In The Dark is the story of a chicken who won’t take no for an answer. Her aim is to find out if she can make chickens see in the dark. Full of curiosity she finds different ways to find her answer. She even gets told she is being silly and should stop by many older chickens in authority. But this chicken has will power and determination. Will she find her answer?

Read our sensory story for some fantastic sensory activities based on this book here.

2.Magnificent Millie – Sienna Williams

If we were to judge a book by its cover at first glance we could mistake this for a girly pretty princess type book. But look deeper and you will see this assumption is wrong. Millie the mouse is a happy outgoing inventor with lots of friends. Full of illustrations that take you back to your childhood they help tell the story of a little mouse who everyone thinks makes useless inventions. Millie doesn’t care because she loves making inventions to try and help her friends. One day she gets it right and saves the day.

A sweet book to introduce Early Years children to inventing and engineering.

3. Zog And The Flying Dr’s – Julia Donaldson.

A follow on from Zog. Zog is the ‘air ambulance to Sir Gadabout and Dr Princess pearl.

When the king, Princess Pearls Dad hears about her wanting to be a Doctor he locks her up and makes her do princessy things. She is saved but then her Dad becomes ill. Can Princess Pearl save the day and prove her worth?

4.Ada Twist Scientist– Andrea Beaty

Ada Twist is a little girl who is full of curiosity about the world and wants to know the answer too everything. She does her own experiments making lots of mess. At first her parents are dismayed and can’t figure out what to do. Eventually they learn to follow their child, help and guide her.

A clever rhyming book telling the story of a little scientist you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

5-Rosie Revere Engineer – Andrea Beaty

Another book by Andrea Beaty Rosie Revere is a shy quiet girl who loves engineering. She likes to make inventions to help her family members. One day her Uncle makes fun of one of her inventions and she becomes so embarrassed she never shows her inventions again. That is until her Great Aunty visits who once built aeroplanes. Can she spark Rosies passion once again?

6- Nannis Hijab – Khadijah Abdul-Haqq

Nanni loves her hijabs and her school friends are excited everyday to see what colour she chooses to wear next. She is happy in her world until a new girl comes and starts to bully her about her Hijab. Nanni goes home worried. However she is a confident girl and finds her own way to deal with the situation that we can all learn lessons from. Read our full review here.

7-When Jessie Came Across The Sea -Amy hest

This is the story of a young girl growing up in a poor village with her Grandmother. Her Grandmother insists on teaching Jessie how to make lace and Jessie insists on teaching her Grandmother how to read. Little do they know how useful these skills will become as Jessie starts a bright new life in America. We watch Jessie as she grows and gets an education. This story about immigration is told not only through words but with the most realistic detailed paintings that really take you into their world. Will she ever be reunited with her Grandmother?

8-HerStory- Katherine Halligan

A big neon hardbacked book bursting with life. The lives of 50 great women throughout history who changed the world for the better from Marie Curie to Malala Yousefsi. Each woman has a bright colourful two page spread explaining their background, reason for wanting to change the world and how they changed the world. A must have for every household whether you reas like a bedtime story or use it as a reference book. You will gain little known knowledge and be inspired.

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