Moon Themed Sensory Play

My baby boy is now 22 months old. One clear night months ago I took him outside and showed him the bright full moon. He was mesmorised. Ever since he has been asking to look at the moon at night. He has even been lucky enough to see the moon during the walk to school in the bright daylight.

At the weekend #museumofthemoon came to our museum. I knew he would love It. He wore his astranought jumper and off we set. The main attraction is a giant 23 ft 3D Moon hanging from the museum ceiling. It really is amazing and you can see different parts depending which level you stand.


There is also an exhibition where you can see moon rocks, an astranought and feel the moon.

#museumofthemoon is travelling the country so keep your eyes open 🌙

Sensory Play

To top off the day we did some moon themed sensory play.

We don’t do so much food based sensory play as I hate the thought of food waste. I wanted a food to play with that we can eat afterwards so no painting or food colouring.

I found some green lentils whilst shopping that are nearly black. They are the perfect size for sensory play and small enough that they won’t cause a choking hazard. I spread the lentils on a tray and scattered some glow in the dark stars around. For the Moon I wrapped a small ball in scrap paper. Not as pretty as I’d imagined but it did the effect.

The best way to learn a language is to be immersed in it. I don’t know much Arabic but aim for my children to learn it. I wrote the Arabic word for Moon on a scrap paper and put it in the lentils. When I presented the tray to the kids I read the word out to them. By seeing words in both English and Arabic around them I hope they will pick it up.

I tried to get a nice photo but as soon at I put the tray down the baby jumped straight in shouting Moon and making a big mess. Instant hit.

Noori is 9 but she still loves sensory play. She commented that

🌑 The lentils feel nice and smooth

🌑 They make a sound like rain

After a while I gave them two cups and a scoop. I thought the baby would love using the scoop and pouring from one cup to another. But they spent ages filling them up with their hands. It must have been the feel of the lentils that they enjoyed.

I also showed him how to scoop out the stars into a cup but he wasn’t interested.

Noori discovered she could write things in the lentils.

They both spent a long time filling the cups to make them overflow, and squashing the lentils down into the glass. (I’m sure there is a valuable science lesson going on here about displacement).

She then made a broccoli smoothie.

And they both got in and stood in it feeling the lentils with their feet.

So many child lead lessons learned from a simple tray of lentils.

When they’d had enough we washed the lentils and made a healthy lentil soup.

Moon Themed Books

I went through their books and took out all the moon books. Most of them just have pictures of the Moon.

The only book about the Moon is The Sea Of Tranquility by Mark Haddon. This picture book is full of beautiful paintings of a boy experiencing the Moon landing. Perfect for any young space fan.

Cave Baby – Julia Donaldson

On The Night You Were Born – Nancy Tillman

Just You and Me – Alice King

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