Easy Peasy Kaleidoscopes

These kaleidoscopes are super effective and easy to make. Even adults can have fun looking at all the different patterns.

As part of our topic on learning the Dua when looking in the mirrorI searched for mirror themed activities. I found instructions to make kaleidoscopes but found we didn’t have all the bits. We went ahead anyway and still made them simple and effective.

All we need is:

  • Shiny reflective card
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ruler

The aim is to make a triangluar shaped prism.

  1. Take your ruler and measure down the width of your card.
  2. Take your measurement and divide it by 3. Ours was 15cm so we made a small mark every 5cm on both ends of the card.
  3. With your scissors join your marks by scoring across the card like this.

4. Fold your card along the scores making sure the shiny side is on the inside and tape together leaving no gaps.

5. You will have a shape like this. Now you can leave it as it is or decorate the outside.

6.Hold your kaleidoscope a small distance over any object and look at the amazing patterns!!

Play around with different patterns and objects.

What happens if you spin the kaleidoscope around in your hand?

Take photos of your patterns and get people to guess what they are.

Can you draw the patterns you can see?

This activity is a great maths activity for older children involving measuring and accuracy. To adapt this for small children simply roll the card into a cylinder shape.

Here are some of ours.

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8 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Kaleidoscopes

  1. Naomi Oikonomou says:

    Oh this is awesome! When I read the title i couldn’t think how something so intricately beautiful could be crafted, but you’ve broken it down nicely and made it look so simple! #kidsandkreativity!


  2. kerrybearman says:

    I used to love kaleidoscopes as a kid, hadn’t thought of trying to make our own, but this sounds so simple. Might have to give it a go with my two over half term. Thanks for linking up to #KidsandKreativity, really hope to see you back next time.


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