My Favourite Books of 2018

The end of 2018 was when I got my passion for reading back. I read a book a week in December which is an achievement for me.

As a family we have had the opportunity to review alot of amazing kids books.

Saying that my favourite books of 2018 list is very short. This is because I am telling you about the very best otherwise the list would be very very long. So I will tell you one of my favourite books for adults, one Islamic kids book, a non Islamic kids book and a book for baby.

The Sun Is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon

This is one of the only adult fiction books on this list. I have become a non fiction reader lately due to not being able to find interesting books and wanting to educate myself. I unintentionally picked this up on a charity book table after being drawn in by the colourful cover. The description at the back didn’t excite me too much but the scientific side drew me in so I gave it a try. And I’m so glad I took the chance. I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in one day! (Big deal for me).

Set in New York this multicultural romance unfolds in one day. Two lives are brought together by fate.
The story of a boy taking a chance on fate and meeting the love of his life.
The theme is so simple but complex
The writing is poetic.
There are chapters with scientific facts.
It makes you cry at the end.

And the best thing the chapters are 3 pages at the most. Brilliant for us technology addicts who scroll, scroll , scroll and can’t concentrate long enough.

The book is basically about Qadr Allah. A string of events that bring people together perfectly for reason unknown.

HerStory – Katherine Halligan


I discovered this colourful book at an Art exhibition on female empowerment. I asked at the library to see if they had it but it was the artists own copy. I ordered it online as it is well worth the price tag.

A hardback book to treasure with a ribbon bookmark to make it feel luxurious. Each two page spread is about a woman in history that shook the world. Each page is brightly illustrated by Sarah Walsh and includes photos of the women if they were available in their time.

There are the stories of 50 women including Marie Curie, Maria Montessori, Noor Anayat Khan and Harriet Tubman.

This book has come in useful when teaching different subjects. As the women are from all over the world it had been very useful when learning about geography. You can see how we used the book to learn about Marie Curie in our Poland topic.

Raising a daughter I feel it is very important to teach her about strong successful women. In this day and age we are making progress but ask an average person on the street to name a female scientist or tribal leader and I bet they could only name one or two. It is our jobs as parents to change all that and this book is here to help us.

Yans Hajj – Fawzia Gilani

Yans hajj

This sweetly illustrated story tells us of a man named Yan whos only wish and aim in life is to perform Hajj. Sadly lots of things happen everytime he starts his journey and he has to start saving all over again. Read our review Yans Hajj for a more in depth look at this lovely book.

This book is available at Kube Publishing

Children Just Like Me – Annabel Kindersley

Children Just like me

This is a pretty old book from the 90’s but it’s new to me. A DK book which introduces us to children from around the world.

Dk children just like me

With real life photos each child tells us about their family, country, culture and much more. I bought this to incorporate with learning about different countries. It’s nice to show a child a bit about a country from another child’s point of view. I found this second hand but a new version is also avaible.

Baby Faces – DK

Dk faces  faces

Another DK book Baby Faces is a board book for babies. A small book full of photos of babies with different facial expressions. It is a nice way to introduce babies to different faces and teach them about faciwl expressions. The best part is when your baby copies all the faces. I’ve heard about this from a few other parents aswell 🙂

Dk baby faces

As I am trying to introduce the Montessori Method into our house we have alot of photo books but this Baby Faces book is definatly a favourite.

Would you add anymore books to this list?

For more fantastic book recommendations head over to Muslim Mummy

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