A Race To Prayer – Book Review

Recently I have been teaching Noori about the 5 pillars of Islam. After learning about Hajj (click here to read about that), I planned to teach her about Salah. Amazingly I was given the opportunity to review this book from Kube publishing at just the right time. I waited for it too arrive ready to start our topic.

Over the past year Noori has started to properly read chapter books. But lately she hasn’t been such a passionate reader and only reads books she really enjoys. Mainly things like David Walliams. I don’t mind her reading books like this but I’ve heard some of the subjects are a bit suspect. I started to think about getting some Islamic inspired books for her casual reading. I was expecting a big picture book to arrive so imagine my surprise when I opened the brown jiffy bag to find a chapter book!!

A Race To Prayer Sulaimans Rewarding Day

About The Author

The Author of the book is a home schooling mama who took her passion for teaching her children and became a published author. To me that is so amazing! Aliya Vaughan is a revert Muslim. As a revert myself I am so happy that Kube publishing promotes so many revert Authors.

The Book

The book A Race To Prayer by Aliya Vaughan is a short chapter book about a boy named Sulaiman, His Grandpa and his Dad.

A Race To Prayer Sulaimans Rewarding Day

It is an all too familiar story for us all about prioritising prayer over daily life. Thinking that it stops us having fun. How will Sulaiman overcome these thoughts or will something happen thats makes him?…

Having a daughter the majority of our books are centred around strong female characters. Now I have a son I am starting to think we need some books with strong male characters too. This is one of them. At the moment Abd is 15 months but is already showing a big interest in motorbikes like his Grandparents. So I’m sure he will love the quad bike theme of this book when he is older.

I wasn’t sure Noori would like it but she really enjoyed reading it and as it was the perfect length she didn’t get bored, frustrated or rush to finish it

It took us 2 nights to finish and Noori decided to make a story map, she retold the story with her toys, meaning I know she understood and enjoyed the story.

I like books that have questions at the end as I often feel as though Noori isn’t paying attention. I always feel happy with the answers she gives that shows she really understood the story and the views of the world she describes from them. Questions at the end are a nice way to learn about your child.

Any good Islamic book should give reference to Quran and Hadith which this one does.

A Race To Prayer Sulaimans Rewarding Day

It makes you satisfied that your child is learning Hadiths through stories and gaining Islamic knowlegde rather than knowlegde of things we may not like for them.

You can buy this book online at

Kube Publishing


Can you recommend any other Islamic chapter books for an 8 year old?

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