Arabic Words with The First Hippo on the Moon

The last book we used for learning our Arabic words was Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson. This week I chose another space themed book so I could use some of the same Arabic words as last time to reinforce recognition.

I absolutely love the books by David Walliams . They are so creative and have some humor in there for adults aswell. The illustrations are funny and any book with metallic writing has my vote.

We read The First Hippo on the Moon by David walliams.

We read the book and then I picked some new words out to write in Arabic and wrote them on pieces of paper.

We put the word hippo and moon over the words in the title and read the new title with the Arabic words.For hippo we used ‘farash il nahar’ and moon ‘Qamar’ making The first Farash il Nahar on the Qamar. It rhymes!! We have been singing Farash il Nahar on the Qamar ever since .

This time Noori got confident and matched all the words herself. I wasn’t allowed to look so I couldn’t ‘help’. As most of the words were from last time or ones she already knew she got most of them correct.

Most of the pages have animals on of which we already know the names from past activities or Quran.

Hippo and moon are repeated on nearly every page making it a brilliant book for repetition.

Ever noticed how space books always have a count down? Another reason to use those number words.

I like this space theme as we can use the words moon , sun and stars which are often repeated in the Quran.

If you’d like to try this at home these are the words we used:

Moon-Al qamar


Shams- Sun

Elephant- Feel

Giraffe – Zarafa

Hippo – Faras il Nahar


2 -Ithnayn

3- Thalatha

Earth- Al Ard

Im very curious to know what Faras il Nahar trans lates as literally. So if anyone knows please leave the answer in a comment x

If you have the book Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson you may be interested to read our blog post Arabic words with Goodnight Spaceman.

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