Allah’s Names: Al Awaal , Al Akhir

The next of Allah’s names we have been learning about are Al Awaal- The First, Al-Akhir -The Last. We found the meaning of these words and discussed them in Islamic terms. Allah has been since the beginning of time. Before the Prophets , before the Earth before the whole Universe , before time itself. Which is something we can’t even imagine as Human Being’s.

We found the verse in the Quran 57:3 where the names appear and I asked Noori to read it in English then Arabic. When she’d read it in Arabic I asked her to pick out the names from the text.


The next day we wrote down the dictionary definitions of First and Last . These meanings don’t are not written with the same concept in mind but its a good way to extend vocabulary and try to learn spellings.


Then we used our Thinkernation spell and learn to form the words for more hands on learning.

Some days later we did a science experiment about First and last. To make it fun I took 3 of her small toys and froze them in ice cubes. You could use more and try more ingredients but I could only find 3 toys .


When she got home from school I asked her:

  • What can we use to melt the ice?
  • Why would that melt the ice?
  • Which one will melt first and last?

She said we can chop one up to make it melt faster like a slushy

Another we can leave. The last one I said we should use salt as I knew that would have a bigger impact and be more impressive.

She decided to make a chart showing all the information.

We then took the ice out of the ice tray and put one in a dish by itself. The other one she chopped up and the other she added salt.


We observed each one as they melted. We noticed that the one with water and the one with salt were melting in different ways. The water one stayed smooth while the salt one was cracking.


It looked as though the chopped and the salt were neck and neck but eventually the salt came first and the one with nothing came last.


I’m hoping this activity will help her too remember the names. At school one morning it was icy and they had spread the grit salt on the playground. I reminded her about our experiment and the names Al Awal and Al Akhir. Maybe when she hears the words 1st and last or sees ice cubes or her toys she will remember these names.

If you try this out let us see on Instagram or Facebook using #OurAmanahsOurFutures

If you liked this and would like to see more actvities then here are some of the other names we have looked at


Allah-The Greatest Name

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