Hidden Pearls Review

I started to wear Hijab around 4 years ago before I even became Muslim to take my Daughter to Madrassah. It felt so good and like the missing piece of clothing that finishes of any outfit.Like any Hijabi I quickly acquired a rainbow of colourful scarves . Everyone around me knows I go for the traditional pashmina style. I love colour , pattern and sparkle. And I think its become a bit of a trademark. Afterall being a white girl wearing a scarf it draws alot of attention, so I always feel I should look on point both Islamically and stylewise and still stay true to myself . So the right Hijab is essential.

The lighter scarves are a pain to keep on so I always choose the heavier materials.When I was asked by Hidden pearls to review a Hijab I decided to change it up a bit and go for something different.

I was sent a Bondi Blue shimmer hijab

When I opened it I was very pleased with the colour. I used to be a pink kind of girl until my daughter got into Frozen and everything had to be blue. I embraced it aswell (the colour not the film). As its a shimmer scarf it has small tiny sparkles that catch the light. Its something a bit different for me so I was happy to try it out. I was a bit wary about the size because I’m used to the big heavy ones , but after trying it on I found it was the perfect size and I had no spare bits with nowhere to go and fly around.

I was also sent a really beautiful unexpected hijab pin to match.

I wore it outside alot and it was fine so I thought I’d put it to the test and do a bit of Buggyfit. I was expecting it to come loose, but the material stayed in place surviving squats, lunges and jogging up and down.

I was also sent a childrens subtle shimmer hijab for Noori who is 7. She likes to wear a scarf at school a few times a week. In my city you can only find plain kids scarves or plain with diamondy things stuck everywhere so most of the girls have the same one.

This is a childrens subtle sheer hijab. It is a bit different. It comes with an imprinted flower pattern with small shimmery sparkles. It is longer than what she is used too but as most 7 year olds I know have long ,long hair it works well.

On one trip to the supermarket she was pushing the trolley around and the scarf was twinkling like stars under the lights. A very tall man walked past her and was staring at the top of her head mesmorized lol.

Hidden pearls is a UK online store. When you view their site you will be pleased to see how they try and do everything Islamically and incorporate modern Hijab fashion alongside. I find it a lovely touch that some of the product descriptions come with little Hadith or meaningful sayings. This is a company that you will feel has the right intentions and will be Happy to purchase anything from them. They stock many Hijab designs to fit any style or personality along with Hijab pins and handbags.

I really like this silk floral Hijab. The colours and pattern are just beautiful.

I know alot of women who get really stressed out making wedding gifts on trays. Hidden Pearls does all that for you in a much more stylish gift box. They have a varity of choices for special occasions. Weddings , Thank you’s , Special Friend and I love you Mum boxes for a great price. The one I like best is the Mrs Alway Right gift boxfor a man to give to his wife.

Followed by this Hadith

I find this so thoughtful. So if your looking for a Hijab or accessory for yourself or a gift to give to a loved one you know where to shop.

Wouldn’t it feel great to recieve such 0a gift box after giving birth to make the new Mum feel extra special? 💗

**I was kindly sent this product for review and all opinions are my own**


4 thoughts on “Hidden Pearls Review

  1. That silk floral hijab is so pretty! I really love the pattern, but I’m never brave enough to pull off patterns & that children’s hijab is lovely!! not something I’ve seen before, definetly will make little girls feel special with that hint of sparkle!


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