Reflections of Salah in Pregnancy

***I am not a health professional. I am just sharing my thoughts on Salah. If you have any concerns about your pregnancy contact your Midwife, Dr or in the UK you can ring 111.***

For the past 5 months of pregnancy I have been working a 60 hour week. Leaving no energy or space to pray, and a million excuses Astagfirhuallah. Finally my Maternity leave has come around. I planned for months that I would pray all my Salah and read Quran as much as possible. Sadly that didn’t go to plan.

I had two excuses left : 1. No energy 2.Too much housework. Luckily on Friday my Mum came round, so 10 minutes before the Husband went on a mad cleaning mission hoovering, mopping and tidying . Ahhh finally my house was clean!

Whilst washing the dishes I like to listen to Ted Talks, this time minimalism. The main thing I got from listening was when we remove every distraction from our lives, only then we can do what really matters. Having no job to go to, no house to clean and no food to make left me in a bit of a crisis. I had no distractions. That’s when I had no excuses left. I prayed my Zuhr prayer and it felt sooooo good! I read one page of Quran and it felt amazing! No more guilt or worry on my mind.

Whilst praying Magrib prayer I had a revelation. After so many months of using pregnancy as an excuse not to pray , I wondered , could salah be the cure?


After reading lots of pregnancy books one of the most important things we can do is keep away from stress. Praying Salah helps us switch off the world for a few minutes every day, and helps us relax and de stress. And it can be truly spiritual. We can make Dua and get rid of all our worries. After reading natural birth stories from the book , ‘A natural Childbirth’ by Ina May Gaskin she realised that some women’s labours weren’t progressing as fast as they should. The midwives started to talk to the women and ask them to reveal anything that could be bothering them. As soon as their problems were out in the open they felt a sense of relief. Only then did they start to properly dilate and make progress in their labours.

As Muslims we have the privilege of getting rid of our worries 5 times a day.

Prayer Positions

The positions we make during Salah have often been compared to Yoga. We all know that Yoga is highly recommended in pregnancy. One of the main things about Yoga is learning how to breathe through each position therefore relaxing your muscles and causing less pain. If you take deeps breathes in every Salah position you can truly relax your arms, legs, back and shoulders. Try it! There is even a Hadith regarding relaxing during prayer.


Please take a look at the article from the above website. It is very benieficial Mashallah.

The most amazing thing I have realised is regarding Sujood. I have read a lot about turning breech babies . And one of the exercises recommended called the chest to knee position looks very similar to Sujood. The excersise is slightly different. This website is supposed to be really good for turning babies naturally


I also know ladies who have been to the Dr with back pain and they have given them certain exercises. One being the same as we do in Ruku.

Inshallah this article will give you a bit of inspiration to get up and pray Salah. Because I sure needed it during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant I truly recommed reading the book ‘Ina Mays guide to Childbirth’, by Ina May gaskin. It helped me so much to prepare myself mentally a physically for childbirth. I feel like every woman needs to read it. And I owe it to you all to reccomend it.

You can buy it from Wordery with free worldwide delivery here:

I hope you found this post helpful. Please let me know ways that help you keep on track with your Salah 😊

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